Lighting Applications

Lighting Applications

Lighting Control ApplicationIn commercial industry and in private buildings, regulations for energy use and the need for accurate power monitoring of consumption is increasing.

Working in partnership with More Solutions, More Control offer a range of lighting control automation applications that offer flexible lighting solutions and power monitoring for various facilities across the UK.

Managing a buildings energy resources and optimising its energy output is a great way of saving money by reducing operational costs and making buildings run as efficiently as possible.


Lighting Control Facilities

      Lighting Control automation application that was used to monitor and regulate power levels and consumption of the building and to apportion power use accordingly, to reduce running energy costs.


School Lighting Control

      Customer requested to look into reducing their energy consumption in their school. Frequently, teacher & pupils would leave the lights on in classrooms when not in use. Utilising the existing lighting system of the school, More Control adapted the lighting system with Moeller X Comfort wireless devices.


Warehouse Lighting Control

      Customer wished to have an innovative means of managing the light levels in their warehouse to switch on and off depending upon location / machine use in their warehouse.


Lighting Control - Stadium in Wembley

      This lighting control automation application was designed to regulate the levels of light used at the stadium in order to maximise energy efficiency and to monitor power usage at the stadium.


Lighting Control - Manchester Stadium

      This flexible lighting control automation application was designed to allow the stadium to regulate its light levels depending upon the requirements of a given event, to ensure optimal energy efficiency at the Stadium.


Artistic Light Control

      Upon the request of international artist Malcolm Buchanan-Dick, More Control was offered to develop an innovative light control installation at the Art plus final awards ceremony at the Milton Keynes Gallery.

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