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Meech Static Elimination Meech Static Elimination  are established in the field of electrostatic solutions. Meech have for years developed a range of innovative products that are robust, reliable and easy to use. Meech are reputed for their excellence in high quality electrical engineering, specialising in developing electro static control solutions.

The current range of Meech solutions addresses four primary application areas of: Static Control, Compressed Air, Web Cleaning and Air Knife Systems with product enhancements and new product developments being constantly undertaken.

Meech industrial solutions address the areas of static elimination, web cleaners, compressed air equipment and air knife systems, ionized air cleaning systems and compressed air dryers & air amplifiers.

As a specialist manufacturer of static control equipment, all Meech products are developed to the highest standards.

Meech Product Ranges

Static Control: Meech provide a wide range of static electric control and static protection for both industrial and cleanroom areas. The Meech static control product range includes ionizing, anti-static bars, blowers, air curtains, electrostatic field meters and electrostatic generators.

Web Cleaning systems deliver increased quality and productivity for continuous webs of plastic or paper. Meech can supply contact and non contact web cleaners with integrated anti static controls to neutralize static charges to ensure a cleaner web in order to improve productivity and product quality.

Air Technology: Meech supply a range of compressed air systems and industrial energy savings products for the reduction of noise and significant cost savings. Air technology products include blowguns and blowgun accessories, air curtains and air amplifiers, cabinet coolers, conveying and drying systems of equipment.

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