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Robot Solutions

In modern manufacturing, maintaining consistent and above all accurate production lines is paramount to overall success.Robotic handling website

Given the increasingly tight regulations and high standards of quality control set on the manufacturing industry, there is a growing demand to have complete quality assurance in the production, selection and processing of all items.

With More Control, discover practical vision & sensor automation applications, for testing objects for shape, position, colour or contours.

If you have vision sensor automation application that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact us and one of technical engineers can provide the ideal vision sensor automation solution to suit your business needs.

Product Location, Inspection, Pick and Place

More Control label conversion automation application; for accurately checking and identifying that labels have been correctly applied to packaging before being dispatched to the appropriate customer.

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The customer wanted to check whether a plastic clip was fully formed prior to the final assembly of a medical connector. To do this, More Control utilized an Omron FZ3 Vision System to reliably perform this inspection in just 24ms.



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